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10 Ways Moving Companies SCAM YOU!

1. Moving companies quote a low price over the phone, but charge you a different price for your move.

2. Some moving companies send day laborers instead of trained PROFESSIONAL movers. Moving companies use day laborers to save on labor costs.

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Bubble Wrap
  Shrink Wrapping and Padding for all furniture and appliances we Move.  
  Install & Uninstall your appliances. i.e. Washers
Dryer, Bed, etc.
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Welcome To Dr Move Inc.- Professional Loading & Unloading!


Dallas Fort Worth Denton Local loading and Unloading Services

Dr. Move can assist you with Loading/Unloading services of your rental truck, trailer or POD. 

Rental Truck or Trailer:

 Maybe you have decided to rent your own truck or trailer and just need the manpower to help you Load or Unload it in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton or maybe you decided to perform a Self-move and found the moving task was too much to handle right in the middle of it!

Dr. Move will be there to help you complete the process of your relocation regardless of the situation.

In addition to the manpower, Dr. Move Inc will provide you with the proper equipment to ensure safe Loading or Unloading of your furniture.


 POD Loading or Unloading:

 Maybe you are waiting on the completion of your new home and need to store your furniture into a POD meanwhile, or maybe you are moving across country or overseas. Dr Move will assist you with the Loading or Unloading of your POD, our movers will provide you with the proper equipment to ensure your furniture will be loaded safely and securely.

In addition to Loading or Unloading your furniture, Dr. Move’s moving professionals will assist you with the standard disassembly or reassembly of furniture and appliances so you don’t have work too hard.


Remodeling or Emergency Moves:

 Maybe you have decided to remodel a part of your house and need to clear the area of furniture that might get damaged during the remodeling process.

Or maybe you just want to rearrange your furniture within your house and transfer it from one room to another.

Or in the event of a flooded area in your house, Dr. Move will come to the rescue and provide you with assistance moving your furniture.

Dr. Move’s Movers will provide you with the proper equipment to ensure your furniture will be safely moved and the walls and other areas in your house will be protected during your move.

 For all your Loading or Unloading of rental truck, trailer or POD, Dr. Move can provide you with professional Loading or Unloading services to make this process smooth and stress free for you.

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